Polar Bait
Loitering Lad
  • Loitering Lad
  • Tiny Duckling
  • Pale Redneck
  • Oyster Farm
  • Blackmeiler
  • Puffy Parrot

Jari Tuiskunen might just be the most known fishing expert in Finland. Jari has an neverending enthusiasm to new fishing innovations and writes about them to the number one fishing magazine in Finland.

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One of the most interesting things in fishing is the way the fish relate to a certain type of colours. The more experience you get, the more you know which colour work in certain situation, and which won't. This Loitering Lad is a classic for salmon and sea trout seeking their way to the river.

Tiny Duckling is a great colour for rainbow trout, but works equally well for all fish in dark and murky waters and in low light.


Here's a selection of well-known and catchy colours that are used in various lures on the market.