Polar Bait

Q: How easy it is to attach the Lure Stickers?

A: The attachment is easy as the stickers are elastic and the adhesive is very strong.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: You only need a carpet knife to cut of the excessive sticker from the lure. You may also use small scissors.

Q: How long does the sticker stay on the lure surface?

A: The sticker won't get off the lure. But eventually fish teeth will create scratches and holes to the sticker. Than again, the stickers are cheap and easy to renew.

Q: How will I take off the Lure Sticker?

A: The adhesive is very strong, but you may remove it by using a carpet knife. The old adhesive should be removed with proper chemical.

Q: Do the stickers fit to all lures?

A: The Lure Stickers can be used to almost all lures. The sticker material is cast vinyl so it can be bent easily into double-curved surfaces. Fishing spoons, spinners and jerks are the easiest, while wobblers need a bit more precision.

Q: Can I use varnish on top of the stickers?

A: Some of the varnish might change the colour of the sticker. We recommend you to test the usability first to a small area.

Q: Do I have to do something to the lure before attaching the sticker?

A: The best result is achieved when the surface is:

  • clean from grease and dust
  • cleaned from loose paint
  • the temperature is over +10 degrees Celsius
  • the air bubbles are removed under the sticker

Be aware that the adhesive activates in about 10 minutes and is fully attached in about 24 hours.