Polar Bait

Why does Pulkka look so strange? It hardly resembles traditional lures?

Pulkka sure has a funky form. That's because Pulkka is designed to dodge obstacles, tempt the fish and last but not least, catch the fish. Traditional lures don't have these features and thus the design has to reach a new level. You might soon find out that as the technology evolves, the best lures might not be the ones they used to be.

Why is Pulkka floating? Aren't the fish under the surface?

As a matter of fact a floating prey travelling through surface is actually very attractive to a fish. The prey doesn't flee from the surface and it glimmers against pale sky. It produces a strong wave which is basically a signal to fish - Here I am, come and get me! Furthermore the signal to the fish's lateral-line sense is amplified through the growth. If only moles and frogs would dare to swim more often, you would find them inside the fish belly.

Why is Pulkka so colourless? Its all grey?

Pulkka is a surface-lure and thus the fish observe it from below and against a pale sky. That's why the fish see the grey Pulkka very easily.

Will I get any catch with Pulkka?

Yes you will, if only you use it in the right places. Use Pulkka e.g. in a bay covered by waterlilies or with a bed of reeds and you should get a nice catch.

Pulkka got stuck in the reed. How is that possible?

Unfortunately that is possible, although very unlikely. In more than 90% of cases Pulkka gets stuck one of the two reasons:

  • Pulkka is reeled in very fast or pulled roughly through the growth. In this case the weed guards will eventually give up and the hook gets stuck. This is easy to avoid if you reel the lure in smoothly. Whenever you feel resistance, just stop reeling in and then begin again.
  • The line spins over a branch or reed. Unfortunately there's not much to do in this case, unless you have the possibility to get it back by boat or paddling/swimming. Luckily the floating lure is easy to find even though the line gets cut. Try to throw the lure in a way that it meets the surface very low. This way the line won't spin around that easily.

What do I have to take into account when using Pulkka instead of traditional lures?

All in all Pulkka is a quite carefree product. But after a rough spinning or getting a fish, check that the weed guards are still placed infront of the hook.

A fish attacked the lure but it didn't get caught?

When you are fishing with traditional lures moving under the surface, you'll rarely get to see the fish bypass. With Pulkka you'll get to see a lot more fish attack and still get the ones you need on the table.