What's the story behind the lure stickers?

Well we started as anyone else. Painting our own fishing lures which means changing the spray colors, waiting for the drying time between every layer, taking all the space in our garage including the vacuum extractors, masks and... Well you know what we mean! And all we wanted was to be able to create lures for the big catch! So we started thinking if there would be an easier way to create quality fishing lures. After years of experiment and development we came up with a product which served our needs!

What are the 3 main requirements for our lure stickers?

1) The lure decals have to endure all kind of wear. Fish bite, hitting the rocks, salt water, sun, you name it... At least our stickers have to last way longer than the painting would ever do!

2) The adhesive has to be strong enough to glue the sticker and the lure together at least for five years!

3) The lure tape material has to be elastic enough to bend over to all hard baits from wobblers, jerks, jigs, spoons and spinners!

Is it safe to buy?

Yes it is! We use Klarna, one of the biggest worldwide online payment bank which gives you the freedom to get your money back if something should go wrong. Our company's full record can be found by Polar Bait / Fishing Tools Finland Ltd, business ID 2261671-1

Who are these guys you are dealing with?

We are eager fishermen putting together all the experience that we have gained not only by our self but also from our co-fishermen. Rami enjoys fishing on the Western coast of Finland for pike and perch, or up north in Norway for cod or salmon. Lars have been testing these products either in San Francisco, Indonesia or Lapland. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to ask!


You'll also find us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Just type Polar Bait. Polar Bait lure stickers are designed and manufactured in the Nordics, in Finland.

Media reviews

Professionals choice for fishing: The sticker is easy to attach on board and is also very durable

- Financial Market Data in Finland (Kauppalehti) 17.8.2016

I'll give thumbs up for the stickers for fixing and setting to a convex surface. The stickers won't unravel or get loosen"

- Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 12/2016

With the stickers you'll update your lures according to the weather and fishing place

- Financial Market Data in Finland (Kauppalehti) 17.8.2016

A couple of fishing spoons got so much more credibility, that this product is easy to recommend for homemade fishermen. And the price is very feasible.

- Fishing Magazine (Kalastus-lehti)

The stickers have a thin, flexible layer, which is easy to cut and fasten even to convex surfaces without worrying about the edges to get loosen

- Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 4/2016

The stickers fit for spoons, spinners and jerks as well as for wobblers

- Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 4/2016

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