The lure stickers are very easy to attach on your lure and the special glue keeps them attached forever. With the lure decals you'll get a neat surface by the pixel. The lure tape material is very durable and the stickers let you catch fish from pike to trout, from Finland to Florida. Lure stickers is a great alternative instead of painting your lures. No drying time, no toxic fumes, no need for special facilities. You just sit on your sofa and start fixing your old lures! All you need is a bunch of lure stickers and a carpet knife / box cutter.-

The lure sticker material is cast vinyl which is very durable. The lure tapes have UV protection and they are of course designed to last also salt water. But of course nothing is eternal. Eventually the stickers get scratchy with fish teeth and hitting the rocks. But luckily the lure stickers are very cheap and you can easily cover your old fishing bait with multiple lure tapes. And you can do it even during your fishing trip!

Lure Stickers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy it is to attach the lure stickers?

A: The attachment is easy as the stickers are elastic and the adhesive is very strong.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: You only need a carpet knife / razor knife / box cutter to cut off the excessive sticker from the lure. You can also use small scissors if you like.

Q: How long does the sticker stay on the lure?

A: The sticker won't get off the lure. But eventually fish teeth will create scratches to the sticker. But the stickers are cheap and easy to renew.

Q: How will I take off the Lure Sticker?

A: The adhesive is very strong, but you may remove the lure tape by using a carpet knife / box cutter. The old adhesive can be removed with proper grease removing chemical.

Q: Do the lure stickers fit to all lures?

A: Yes they do! The lure stickers can be used for almost all lures. The lure tape material is cast vinyl so it can be bent easily into double-curved surfaces. Fishing spoons, spinners and jigs are the easiest, while wobblers and jerks need a bit more attention. And as with all things, the more you rehearse, the better you'll get!

Q: Can I use varnish on top of the stickers?

A: Yes of course. Especially CAB, LV 1 and C&V Lure Epoxy fit well with lure stickers. Some other varnish might change the color of the sticker. So we recommend you to test your choice of lacquer first to a small area before covering the whole lure.

Q: Do I have to do something to the lure before attaching the sticker?

A: The best result is achieved when the surface is clean from grease and dust and the temperature is over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 degrees Celsius. Be aware that the lure tape adhesive activates in about 10 minutes and is fully attached in about 24 hours. This means that you have the full 10 minutes time to rearrange the sticker if it didn't go right the first time.

    Here are some videos to help you to pimp your lures!

    Here are some reviews from one enthusiastic user.

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