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Pike Dog aka Mika Vornanen is one of the leading pike fishing professionals in Finland. We kindly asked Mr. Vornanen to summarise 30 years of experience into a few custom made Lure Stickers.

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In the Autumn the salmon on the river is tricky to catch. The fish is there only to guard the new generation and not eating. Thus the lure needs to be floated right infront of the salmon and stay there for a while. To activate the fish, the lure needs to bother the salmon as much as possible. That's the reason for colorful lures.


Pike is the fish I know best, but I'm pretty good with salmon as well. I believe in strong colours. I took a couple of pics from a maple leaf and Polar Bait made Lure Stickers out of them. We didn't really have that much luck with fish that day, but in the end one of my clients went on the shore with the Autumn Surfer and then things started to happen! Well, the guy took the biggest salmon for the day, being eight kilos. I'll never forget the day, nor the sticker.


Pike Dog's Autumn Surfer was just amazing on Monday. I caught altogether three salmons in fifteen minutes and the last one was a real beast! It took me over 20 minutes to fight back, but then I got the line stuck into rocks. No matter what the salmon was loose. Anyway we got to see the fish a few times really well and believe me or not, it was way over 15 kilos of fierce power! Today the bright red and yellow were the best colours by far. The lure also needed to be heavy one, say 20 grams, as the fish lay close to the bottom of the stream.

- Mäxä



Lure Stickers with stripes are the ones I like to use when fishing pike. Except when the pike plays hard to catch. That's when the Doomsday Ladybird comes into the picture.

Mika Vornanen, Pike Dog, Haukikoira Oy, www.haukikoira.fi, info@haukikoira.fi, +358 50 628 11 

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