Polar Bait
Kymi Classic
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  • KeMu
  • Traffic Lights
  • PuMu
  • MikaMika
  • OrMu

Kari Lossi is an ichthyologist and currently works as a fishing guide. This profession gave him The Fishing Guide of the Year 2014 -title. Kari has been eager in improving the river conditions and thus helping the salmon and trout to breed.

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I've always been interested in fishing salmon and trout, so naturally I gave my best hint for lures stickers to those fish. I like the idea that now all fishermen have the chance to pimp their spoons and other lures to those best and familiar colours.

These colours on Polar Bait lure sticker represent the holy grail to me. The colours are the one that I use, when I definitely want to catch fish. The colours have taken shape little by little and finally settled after my 24-year fishing history. Perhaps the most famous colours are KeMu and Traffic Lights, which are both born early 90's.

At the end of the 80's the PuMu was the best colour within tube flies. We couldn't find similar wobblers, so we had to paint them ourselves. MikaMika is the best and most famous colour within fly fishermen in river Kymi. In the original recipe the body is silver so if you use the sticker on a spoon, I recommend you to leave the other side plain metallic.

The colour mixture of orange, brown and black (OrMu) is a lethal combination for fish. Even though this sticker is designed for salmon, it works like a charm for other fish as well. Kari Lossi, Kymi Fishing Oy, www.kymifishing.fi, kari.lossi@kymifishing.fi, +358 45 342 5199

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