Polar Bait
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  • Aarre

An actor-fisherman Tommi Korpela is known from a lot of movies, The Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Ikitie (premiere on September 2017) being perhaps the most famous outside Finland.

Tommi has gained a lot of movie awards in Finland and is known to all fishermen from a fishing series Kenraali Pancho & Pojat Pohjoiskalotilla, where two men and one chihuahua try to survive and catch a fish in Northern Polar Cap and Europe.

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Melkki is especially designed for catching sea trout. Me and Hissu have a boat on Helsinki shore and our first hot-spot is on the southern side of Island Melkki. Me and Hissu of course never caught a fish in there but our friend Kokko-Pentti from Lapland took 2-kilo trout on a second cast! This is my number one colour for sea trout!

Kaddi is Sami language and the name of our cottage in Lapland. Kaddi is a stimulus colour and works for pike, pike-perch and salmon. I tend to change the colours quite often and always test stimulus colours. And fishing should of course be as laid-back and natural as reggae music.

The first time I went to Hossa, located in the Regional Council of Kainuu, Finland, I was 6 years old, on 1974. Since then I've been visiting the place about twenty times. I got my first big trout from a rapid Lounatkoski with similar colour as this Hossa. In general I tend use red, black and copper colours when I'm fishing in Northern Finland.

Aarre is named after one of my fishing legends. It is a fine basic colour everywhere. If one cannot get a pike from a lake with this colour, there's something wrong with the fisherman!


Tommi and a Queenie, Exmouth, Western Australia.

Incredible Fishing with Hissu & Tommi - stay tuned!


Tommi's favourite colours. The Sundom Poor Roach fishing spoon is covered with Hossa.

Check out Hossa covering the deep sea lure!