Polar Bait
  • Savumuikku
  • General Pancho
  • Lappari
  • Affena

Kari Hissu Hietalahti has made his career as an actor and screenwriter. Hissu is known from various different roles, such as the ones in Vintiöt, Rööperi, Roba and Ihmisten puolue - people's party. Hissu has gained the Golden Venla -award among other things.

Hissu wrote a fishing book after the TV series Kenraali Pancho & Pojat Pohjoiskalotilla, where he was an actor as well. In the TV-series the two men and one chihuahua try to survive and catch a fish in Northern Polar Cap and Europe.

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SAVUMUIKKU - a smoked vendace. My first top lure at Lake Saimaa, Finland, resembled a smoked vendace. I once even got a brown trout with it. Nowadays I wish I wouldn't catch that fish as it has become endangered.

KENRAALI PANCHO - General Pancho. This is an interesting combination of colours. White and brown background covered with black dots, just like on our leader, General Pancho. Added with gold-chrome colour makes it very temperamental, just like the nature of chihuahua.

LAPPARI - The Laplandish. A must-have colour on lake Saimaa but also elsewhere when fishing pike-perch. When the sun goes down and leaves a golden trail on horizon be prepared... Works for all fish without fail - as it does on a label of a certain Finnish bottle...

AFFENA - the perch. Everyone eat perch and perch eat everyone. This is the colour related to the beasts. The national colour combination of Finland.


Hissu loves flyfishing and catching pike-perch on lake Saimaa with his dog, General Pancho.

Incredible Fishing with Hissu & Tommi - stay tuned!


Hissu's favourite colours. The Sundom Poor Roach fishing spoon is covered with the colours of General Pancho.

Here's how the Kenraali Pancho -colour goes on a deep sea lure.