Polar Bait
Brook Brownie, Ø90mm
  • Brook Brownie, Ø90mm
  • Herring Hoover, Ø100mm
  • Bluewater Surfer, Ø120 mm

The artwork reel stickers made by the book illustrator and graphic designer Sakke Yrjölä fit to different kinds of fishing reels. The selection contains three different size reel stickers: Brook Brownie (trout Ø90mm), Herring Hoover (pike Ø100mm ) and Bluewater Surfer (salmon Ø120mm)

4,90 €

The famous manufacturer for fly fishing equipment, Vision uses the reel stickers to finalize their products.

The reel stickers also fit to regular anglers reels.


Choose the sticker so that it's a bit bigger than the reel. Detach the round center piece and fit it on top of the reel. Press the sticker into the grooves and finalize e.g. with carpet knife.