Polar Bait
Bleak's nightmare
  • Bleak's nightmare
  • Pike's pizza
  • Humus kebab
  • Trump sucker

The graphic artist Sakke Yrjölä gained the Fisherman of the year 2016 -award in Finland. Sakke does not only make beautiful pictures of the fish, but also knows which graphics tend to be on the top ten list. Sakke's amazing work found their way to the Lure Stickers.

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The old Buster Jerk recreated with "Humus kebab" by Sakke.

Sakke decorating the jerkbait with Pike's pizza.

Sakke Yrjölä, Vire Design Oy, www.vire-design.fi,  sakke@vire-design.fi,  +358 50 56 46 762