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Pure Bass lure stickers made by the professionals! Double side skin with detachable eyes, gils and fins.

1,87 €

SIze of the Sticker

Full cover / transparent sticker

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All of the products are provided with two different versions; the all covering lure sticker and the transparent one. The transparent ones fit well for bringing up the lure's own metal color whereas the full cover will hide all defects on the lure.

Recreate your old wobbler. Start by removing the hooks.

Detach a lure sticker and bend it first on one side of the lure. Cut the sticker from the back and belly and remove excessive sticker.

Add the eye, gill and fin -stickers as you wish and repeat it on the other side of the lure. Fasten the hooks and you are ready to go.

The same goes for the spoons, jerks, spinners, ice fishing jigs etc.