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Bass Fishing

Price $2.55

Pure Bass lure stickers made by the professionals! Double side skin with detachable eyes, gills and fins.


Size of the lure sticker side


Free delivery after 30€ purchase!

The lure stickers fit to every kind of hardbait, crankbait and swimbaits.

How about customizing your lures to fit Lake Fork, Lake Texoma or any other bass lakes in Texas? Or in California?

The three most important things you should know about any of the lure stickers!

1) They are really easy to stretch to any kind of a lure

2) The adhesive is VERY strong so the sticker sticks to your lure for years. Definitely longer than the paint.

3) The average cost for recreating a lure with a sticker tends to be around 1/10 of a new lure

The sticker variation

Full / Transparent Bass Sticker
All products are provided with two different versions - the full covering lure sticker and the transparent one. The transparent ones fit well for bringing up the lure's own metal color whereas the full cover will hide all defects on the lure.

How to create a new life for a wobbler?

How to recreate your old wobbler? Well start by removing the hooks.

Detach a lure sticker and bend it first on one side of the lure. Cut the sticker from the back and belly and remove the excessive sticker. A carpet knife is really good tool for this.

Add the eye, gill and fin -stickers as you wish and repeat it on the other side of the lure. Fasten the hooks and you are ready to go! Note: As the elements, e.g. the eyes are so small, they peel off easiest with the tip of the carpet knife or similar.

How to create a new life to a fishing spoon?

Recreating an old fishing spoon
The same goes for the spoons, jerks, spinners, ice fishing jigs etc. Start by finding your old lure to be fixed.

Detach one of the side lure stickers and stretch it on the lure.

Fix the edges of the spoon with a carpet knife and you're ready to go fishing!

How to tune a crankbait?

Well served crankbait is getting a bit old. But no worries! It still has another life to go.
Well served crankbait is getting a bit old. But no worries! It still has another life to go.

Just wrap the side stickers on both sides and attach the eyes and fins.
Just wrap the side stickers on both sides and attach the eyes and fins.

The old crankbait just got a new life to give plenty more catch!
The old crankbait just got a new life to give plenty more catch!


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