Polar Bait

Create a new life to your old, worn out lures with Polar Bait lure stickers. Easy and inexpensive. The stickers are very durable and the special glue keeps them attached forever. And yes, the lure stickers fit to wobblers and other tricky forms. Starting from only 0,80 €. Click here to get yours!

Professionals choice for fishing: The sticker is easy to attach on board and is also very durable - Financial Market Data in Finland (Kauppalehti) 17.8.2016

Lure painting is a really nice way to fix your fishing lures. But if you don't have all the accessories, room and patience to wait for the drying time, the lure stickers are your choice. The stickers size vary from S to XXL to fit all your favourite lures.

The images from a live fish skin transferred to lure stickers, selected by WPC winner, fishing guide Ari Paataja.

The stickers fit for spoons, spinners and jerks as well as for wobblers - Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 4/2016

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The photorealistic lure stickers made by the fish artist Sakke Yrjölä.

I'll give thumbs up for the stickers for fixing and setting to a convex surface. The stickers won't unravel or get loosen" - Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 12/2016

The high-class fly fishing equipment manufacturer Vision use Polar Bait stickers to finalize their fly fishing reels.

With the stickers you'll update your lures according to the weather and fishing place - Financial Market Data in Finland (Kauppalehti) 17.8.2016

An actor-fisherman Tommi Korpela and a Queenie, Exmouth, Western Australia.

A couple of fishing spoons got so much more credibility, that this product is easy to recommend for homemade fishermen. And the price is very feasible - Fishing Magazine (Kalastus-lehti) 3/16

Even the metallic lure stickers are so elastic that you can fix them to any lure.

The stickers have a thin, flexible layer, which is easy to cut and fasten even to convex surfaces without worrying about the edges to get loosen - Wilderness (ERÄ-lehti) 4/2016


1,90 €
Cyprinus carpio

Selected by Ari Paataja

0,80 €